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Kabbalah Bracelet with GOLDEN Hamsa charm

Red Satin string Kabbalah Bracelet with a Golden (Gold-filled NOT PLATED!) Hamsa charm for good luck and well being.
Code: 01GLDHM

Product Code: 01GLDHM

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Our Price : US$24.99

The word "Hamsa" comes from the root word for the number five in Hebrew. The number five is considered to have special magical power bring good luck.

The number five represented by the five fingers of an open human hand in a natural motion of the holding an open hand to warn off an oncoming enemy. The shape of the hand is a stop sign to the devil.

"Hamsa" it is the most popular cameo for good luck and well being around the world.

This Kabbalah Red String, It is already known that according to the Kabbalah, that this Kabbalah Red String is capable of protecting against the Evil eye. It is also renowned for providing protection, success and Peace at Home.

The world is full of negative energy that whatever it takes to keep it away, is up to us.

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